Hello. My name is Robert. I am the Ardent Vegan. I wasn't always a vegan, and I'm sure you probably were not either. But, that means we both had the opportunity to choose this way of life.

While some people choose to live this type of life for health reasons, and others maybe choose it for ethical reasons, and I'm sure plenty have chosen it for both, there's not really right or wrong. As long as you're doing it, that's great for you personally and for the world as a whole.

My goal of starting this site is to try and focus on what a lof of other small sites like this do not. There are tons of websites of all shapes and sizes that are full of vegan food ideas, vegan recipes, and anything that has to do with the vegan diet. And, they are great! Don't get me wrong. I am not knocking them. I just wanted to take a different angle at the start.

Instead of focusing on food at first, which is something I may venture into a little later, I want to pay more attention to vegan goods and services. That is, the normal everyday commodities that are sometimes difficult for us to come by, especially since there hasn't always been a whole lot of options or variety. ​

Personally, my main reason for this type of lifestyle is to live a very cruelty-free existence. ​There is no reason to harm other living entities, from the animals non-vegan products are sourced from, to the people and children that are often used by major corporations within their supply chains to keep their costs down. 

I'll do my best to keep the information on my site as accurate as possible. I hope you find it useful and I hope it helps you with your vegan existence.


Your friend, the Ardent Vegan.