Best Vegan & Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

How much thought do you put into the makeup products that you use on your skin? Do you know if they are made with natural ingredients, or if they are cruelty free?

Both of these things are becoming more and more important to many makeup wearers, for several reasons. This is why so many people are turning to vegan makeup products. Today, we are going to talk about three of our absolute favorite vegan makeup products.

Benefits of Using Vegan Makeup

One of the biggest benefits of vegan makeup is that it is cruelty free. Not only is it not tested on animals, it contains no animal ingredients, including animal by-products. Many makeup products are tested on animals, and the testing processes can be incredibly cruel. You never have to worry about that when you use vegan makeup, which is made with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Other benefits include -

  • Healthy Skin - Many people think that all makeup is bad for their skin. There are actually many makeup products that can help improve the health and appearance of your skin, and vegan products are among them. These products help to moisturize your skin, and many have sunscreens to protect your skin from the effects of the sun’s UV rays.
  • No Chemicals - Think about the makeup you have used throughout the years, and the chemicals it contains, which can include, but are not limited to, butylated hydroxytoluene, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrances; this can’t be good for your skin. Vegan makeup is made with natural ingredients that help to nourish the skin.

Venus the Grunge Eyeshadow Palette by Lime Crime

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If you are looking for eye makeup in vibrant, exciting colors, the Lime Crime Venus the Grunge Eyeshadow Palette is just what you need. The colors are bright and bold, and you can build them up to make them even bolder.

These colors are long wearing, with no fallout, and your makeup isn’t going to fade within a couple of hours. They blend easily, so you can create all kinds of cool looks from this awesome shadow palette.

This eyeshadow palette gives you eight colors in mainly warm, earthy tones that can be built up for brighter, more vivid color for those who really like to stand out. You will love all of the following gorgeous shades -

  • Venus - This has a similar color as that of bruised fruit. It is a velvet matte, in a lovely burgundy red shade. It is just a bit on the shimmery side, with a finish that is a little bit matte and a little bit satiny.
  • Shell - This is an opalescent shell-pink shade that is on the peachy side. It has a soft, shimmery finish.
  • Aura - Here is a pearlescent ivory shade that mimics the look of pearls. It is gorgeous near the brow bone, and as a highlight in the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Creation - This rusty brown shade is a matte color. It is reddish-brown, and it is matte but has a bit of a satin finish.
  • Icon - Get that smoky eye look with this dark brown matte shadow that has a bit of a golden shimmer.
  • Rebirth - This is a bright coral, matte shade that has a bit of a neon look for those nights at the club.
  • Divine - This is a taupe shade, sort of a grayish-brown. It is ideal for blending away harsh lines, and looks awesome in the crease.
  • Muse - This is a flat, deep, burnt red that just looks fantastic, especially for a night out on the town.


Cool Neutrals

This eyeshadow palette has everything you need for awesome eyes, from bold reds to soft nudes/neutrals. Colors range from rusty reds to a lovely, soft champagne shade, and you will have eight colors to play with to create a look that is unique to you.

Cruelty Free​

This makeup is verified vegan. It is also Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free makeup. It does not contain any animal ingredients, and none of this makeup has ever been tested on animals at any time.

Natural Ingredients

Feel good about wearing eye shadow that is made with ingredients such as iron oxides, titanium dioxide, micas, and zinc stearate.

Color Balance​

This shadow palette offers the ideal balance of matte and shimmer shades that let you create your perfect look.


  • Staying Power - This make up will stay on for up to eight hours without having to be reapplied or touched up.
  • No Creasing - Users say that they have no creasing issues when they use this natural, vegan eye shadow.
  • No Scent - Some makeup really stinks. This is not a problem with this makeup, which has barely any scent at all.


  • Cost - If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup, this may not be the best product for you. But, it lasts for a long time, so in the long run, it is worth the extra expense.
  • Shades - Some people don’t really like bold colors, and are only interested in the subtler shades in this palette.

EVXO Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

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EVXO's organic liquid mineral foundation is created with 90 percent organic ingredients. It is gluten free, cruelty free, and completely vegan.

If you are looking for a foundation that provides just the right amount of coverage and contains ingredients that are going to make your skin look and feel healthier, this is a great option to consider. This is a makeup that is not heavy, and it is not going to clog your pores like other foundation makeup tends to do.

One of the things you are going to love about this foundation is the high-quality ingredients it is made with. These ingredients include -

  • Chamomile - This herb is well known for being great for skin care, and it is ideal for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it good for sensitive skin
  • Thyme - This ingredient has been proven to be extremely effective for treating acne blemishes. In fact, it tends to work better than many prescription acne creams.
  • Vitamin E - Many makeup products that claim to have anti-aging properties include vitamin E. It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and fights free radicals


Do you ever read product reviews and wonder if they are real? Well, you can believe all of the great things you read about this foundation. One thing that really makes EVXO stand out from other vegan makeup brands is that they are a company that never buys reviews, and they do not give out products in return for reviews. If people don’t like something about a product, this company owns it, and lets you know. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of using this makeup.


This makeup is vegan, and made with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, thyme, and vitamin E. It is also cruelty-free, so you can wear it without worrying about any animal testing or animal ingredients.

Great Coverage​

This makeup offers great coverage that is buildable, so you can apply it in several layers to get just the right amount of coverage for you. It goes on easily, and gives your skin a smooth, dewy appearance. The ingredients will not clog your pores.

Healthy Makeup​

The formula for this foundation doesn’t include any chemicals. You don’t have to worry about having parabens and sulfates on your skin, and it makes your skin look beautiful, with a healthy glow.


  • Sheer Formula - If you don’t like to wear a lot of heavy makeup, this is a great product for you. It goes on light, but you can build on it to get the shade you want. Don’t worry that it looks dark in the bottle. It will go on much lighter.
  • Exchanges - If you are not happy with the shade, you haven’t wasted your money. You can simply return it and exchange the bottle for a shade that is more to your liking. You are sure to get just the right shade for your complexion.


  • Acne - Some users reported having acne breakouts after using this product. While the overall praise far outweighs the acne claims, it is something to keep in mind if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare-faced Serum Foundation

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Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare-Faced Serum Foundation SPF20 not only gives you great coverage, it also helps to protect your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun. This foundation is going to match pretty much any skin tone, thanks to shade-matching minerals. These minerals work with your natural skin tone so you have a perfect look every time, with no lines to blend in. It has 100% broad spectrum SPF 20, and offers UVA and UVB protection.

This foundation comes in three different shades: Fair/Light; Light/Medium; and Medium/Dark.

Because it has those awesome shade-matching minerals, you can always be sure to find a shade that is going to suit your skin tone perfectly. This is a feather-light foundation that feels like you are wearing no makeup at all, but it gives plenty of coverage, and has a beautiful finish. One of the best things about all of the shades is that this makeup is ideal for all skin types.


One of the things we love the most about this foundation is its consistency. It has almost a watery consistency, which shows you just how light it really is; the consistency does not make it difficult to apply. In fact, it goes on smoothly, and doesn’t set into fine lines or wrinkles to make them look even worse like a lot of other makeup seems to do. It is light and feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup when it is on.

Other benefits of using this foundation include -


This makeup will adjust to your complexion, so it will always look fresh and natural. Once you finish your look with blush, bronzer, and powder, you will have a beautiful complexion that isn’t going to look faded out within a few hours.


You can enjoy foundation that lasts all day long, and you don’t have to blot it or touch it up. If you have particularly oily skin, you may notice a bit of a shine after a few hours, but a bit of powder will quickly get rid of that.

Vegan Makeup

This makeup is made with natural ingredients, and is certified to be 100% vegan, as well as cruelty free; it has never been tested on animals, and it contains no animal ingredients. It is also free of petroleum, parabens, and phthalates.

​All Skin Types

Some makeup is only meant for certain skin types, but this makeup can be used on all skin types, and you can always expect terrific results. Remember, less is more, and a little bit of this makeup goes a long way.


  • Easy to Use - This product goes on smoothly, and is easy to apply. You can easily blend it with a sponge, or even with your fingertips. Simply shake well, and apply to freshly washed skin.
  • Natural Ingredients - This vegan product contains natural ingredients, including coconut alkanes, jojoba esters, lecithin, rosa centifolia flower extract, iris pallida leaf extract, and natural scents.
  • Great for Acne - If you have skin that is prone to acne and have problems wearing heavier foundations, this may be the perfect makeup for you as it doesn’t seem to cause breakouts.


  • Coverage - There is honestly very little to not like about this foundation. If we had to list a con though the biggest knock we've seen is that some customers feel that they get little to no coverage when using this product. They like it as a sunscreen, but not as a foundation.


You don’t have to wear makeup that is made with harsh, chemical ingredients, or that has been tested on animals and contains animal ingredients. The makeup that we have talked about today is all vegan, and you can feel good in knowing that you are using products that are environment friendly and safe.

They all have natural ingredients that are loaded with ingredients that nourish your skin, and the foundations also act as sunscreens. And, they all have very good reputations from consumers, which is why we chose them to represent our choices for the best vegan makeup options. 

Don't forget some vegan makeup brushes to go along with your new makeup. And, if you feel we should include others on this list, please comment below to let us know.

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